Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Puzzle Necklace to Match a Dress

Hello everyone,

What a hot day today in Los Angeles.  It is around 100 Fahrenheit around where I live.  In this heat it's hard to be around an oven, even a small one like the one I use for my polymer clay. But, I am preparing a new piece to wear with my new dress on Saturday for my nephew's Bar-Mitzvah and I have no choice.

I wanted to share some pictures with you. This will become necklace.

Here is a full view:

This will become necklace. I made it in the colors of my dress.  Maybe I will post pictures of me wearing the entire outfit together.

I used silver leaf crackled over white clay. I mixed the yellow-green color to match the colors of the dress as closely as possible.  

The biggest difficulty in making this piece was figuring out how to attach the individual pieces together without making it too bulky.  It is like a puzzle.  It needed a lot of sanding to make it smooth and finished. 


The picture taken by Desiree Asher Photography is here.  

She took all the photos at the Bar-Mitzvah.  They are amazing. She graciously agreed to take this pictures of me wearing the dress and the necklace on that day.  If you are in Los Angeles and have photography needs please give her a call.

I hope your day is full of colors,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What brand of Pasta Machine not to get.

Good Morning,

About a month ago ago my 15-year-old pasta machine decided to retire.  For those you who work with polymer clay, you know how important a pasta machine is to the creation of everything polymer clay. 

I did some research on line and looked at many different pasta machines.  They range from $30 to $300.  Then I went to Michael's and I saw that they have machines specifically made for clay.  Well! I thought.  This machine should be the best because it has been chosen specifically to work with my preferred medium.  It was cheaper than all he other ones too. Only about $24. With my 40% coupon I got about $10 off and it came to $14.   

I brought one home. Oh oh!!!!  The rollers had something gritty on them like sand. Off back to Michaels to get another one.  Well!  The new one worked for two rolls and then it stopped.  It was very difficult to turn the crank.

So off to Michael's to return it and I will be going to a home store or a restaurant supply shop to get a pasta machine that works. I am looking for one that will work for another 15 years. I am sure polymer clay and I are going to have a long life together.

Until next time
I hope that your life is full of colors.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Purple leaf Necklace

Good Morning,

I wanted to update you on the new project at hand. Please take a look at the previous posts to see what it looked like before.

I decided that I wouldn't put a leaf in the middle. Instead I made a center piece of Gold clay. It is smooth but it looks textured.
The piece looks like this as of now:

It still needs a lot of finishing work.  

The back will probably look like this because I always finish the backs of my pieces.  It will also have a stamp with my initials.

Here it is on a chain.

So for now, I hope your day is full of colors.


Friday, June 21, 2013


Good Morning,

Today has so far been very exciting. I have discovered two great websites.  

1)  The everything Etsy site by +Crafty Girl. The website address is
Here you can find a lot of information and links to everything crafty. There is a contest going on right now for a great tote bag. If you write a blog or run a website, you will be able get a link to the contest to put on your page by clicking on the pink picture. You can also subscribe to receive emails from the Crafty Girl.

Take a look.

2) The other exciting site is a blog by +Chris Pellow, called +Chris Pellow Designs. She has put together a treasure trove of information, tutorial, featured artists and lots more about everything polymer clay.

Here is Chris herself 

I read her tutorial on how to bring a clay piece to high shine by using the right tool and I got very excited. 
Thank you Chris.

I will be posting some more about my new project later.  Check back again soon.

Till then I hope your life is full of colors.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My idea about a new necklace

Good morning,

I have been thinking about this new design for a while. Yesterday I worked on it a bit.

I mixed gold with dark and light purple and then I formed the leaves one by one.  

I arranged them in a circular manner to form a medallion.

 Here is the detail of the center leaf.

Here, you can see how big the leaf is.  I am not sure about the design yet. So I will be posting the changes as they happen.

Please visit Crafty Girl's website by clicking on the picture to the left.

Till then I hope your life is full of colors!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Nephew and the phone charger

Hi everyone,

I was baby sitting that little bundle of joy (my brother's 9-month-old) yesterday. I think he is a genius. This little persons is fast with his hands. He took my phone charger and stuck the part that hooks on my phone into his mouth.  Now I can't charge my phone except for when I am in the car. So guess where I am now. Yup sitting in the car with my computer, blogging until the phone is charged.  

Here he is

See you later
May your life be full of colors.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Introduction to my blog


Welcome to my blog post.   My name is Goli and I make polymer clay art objects.  

I have a shop on Etsy where I sell what I make. Please visit there and take a look at my pieces.  Here is the link:   If you purchase anything from my shop, you will get free shipping if you put in the coupon code FREESHIP in the slot provided for a coupon.  This coupon code is only available to my visitors from this blog post.

I also have a page on Facebook where I feature what I may not list on Etsy. Here is the link to that.     
I also curate a group for polymer clay artists on Flickr. Here is the link to that page: This is where polymer artists are able to post their creations.  Take a look. You will come across many creative artists who have a lot to share.  Here is a sample of what you might find there:

Please click the like button on my page to show me that you've been there and if you'd like, please leave a comment.

Until next time, I hope your life is full of colors,


Los Angeles