Sunday, June 23, 2013

What brand of Pasta Machine not to get.

Good Morning,

About a month ago ago my 15-year-old pasta machine decided to retire.  For those you who work with polymer clay, you know how important a pasta machine is to the creation of everything polymer clay. 

I did some research on line and looked at many different pasta machines.  They range from $30 to $300.  Then I went to Michael's and I saw that they have machines specifically made for clay.  Well! I thought.  This machine should be the best because it has been chosen specifically to work with my preferred medium.  It was cheaper than all he other ones too. Only about $24. With my 40% coupon I got about $10 off and it came to $14.   

I brought one home. Oh oh!!!!  The rollers had something gritty on them like sand. Off back to Michaels to get another one.  Well!  The new one worked for two rolls and then it stopped.  It was very difficult to turn the crank.

So off to Michael's to return it and I will be going to a home store or a restaurant supply shop to get a pasta machine that works. I am looking for one that will work for another 15 years. I am sure polymer clay and I are going to have a long life together.

Until next time
I hope that your life is full of colors.