Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Leaf Series of Necklaces

Hello everyone,

As a creative being I go through phases. These days I am in my leaf phase.  
I wanted to share my leaf series with you.  

Here is the very first necklace that I made with leaves. I call it Mother Earth.  The warm yellow and red remind me of a warm summer day.  
I Skinner blended the red and yellow for a gradual transition of colors and then I rolled it to make a cane.  Then I formed the leaves from large slices of the cane. That is why you see the red edges of the leaves.  I love this necklace.  

This one is number 2.  
I used jade green and gold Skinner blend which I then formed into leaves.  There are 4 kinds of leaves in this ensemble.  The Ginkgo leaves are in the very center because they are smaller and a perfect shape for the central circle covering the attachment for the dangle.

Jade Green and Gold Leaf Necklace

I worked on the following three almost at the same time.  

Pink and Green Leaf Necklace

This one is a modified and more refined version of Mother Earth in pink and green.  I used 5 leaves to make this.  Again, I blended and rolled the clay to form a cane and the slices are what the leaves are made of. Then, I formed little star flowers, from pink clay crackled with silver leaf, to add more interest to the necklace.  The poker dot glass beads are a great addition to the beginning of the necklace and to match the handmade pink and green polyclay beads perfectly.  

The next two were made almost at the same time.  The method is the same as mentioned above for the yellow and blue one. 
Blue and Yellow Leaf Necklace

For this one, I crackled some royal blue clay with silver leaf. Then I formed leaves out of jade green, blue and copper clay. I also formed two large beads out of the same colors for the chain. I added smaller polyclay beads to the dangle as well as stone and glass beads.

Copper, Blue and Jade Green Leaf Necklace

You can see these on my shop on Etsy. I also can custom blend clays to match your colors to make this necklace.  or anything else that you see in my shop. Here is the link to my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClaymaxCollection

Here is the latest piece that I have just finished. It is made of Purple, Lilac and gold clay blend.  It is not listed on Etsy so if you are interested let me know in comments and we can make arrangements.

Until next time, may your day be full of colors.