Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Puzzle Necklace to Match a Dress

Hello everyone,

What a hot day today in Los Angeles.  It is around 100 Fahrenheit around where I live.  In this heat it's hard to be around an oven, even a small one like the one I use for my polymer clay. But, I am preparing a new piece to wear with my new dress on Saturday for my nephew's Bar-Mitzvah and I have no choice.

I wanted to share some pictures with you. This will become necklace.

Here is a full view:

This will become necklace. I made it in the colors of my dress.  Maybe I will post pictures of me wearing the entire outfit together.

I used silver leaf crackled over white clay. I mixed the yellow-green color to match the colors of the dress as closely as possible.  

The biggest difficulty in making this piece was figuring out how to attach the individual pieces together without making it too bulky.  It is like a puzzle.  It needed a lot of sanding to make it smooth and finished. 


The picture taken by Desiree Asher Photography is here.  

She took all the photos at the Bar-Mitzvah.  They are amazing. She graciously agreed to take this pictures of me wearing the dress and the necklace on that day.  If you are in Los Angeles and have photography needs please give her a call.

I hope your day is full of colors,