Friday, June 21, 2013


Good Morning,

Today has so far been very exciting. I have discovered two great websites.  

1)  The everything Etsy site by +Crafty Girl. The website address is
Here you can find a lot of information and links to everything crafty. There is a contest going on right now for a great tote bag. If you write a blog or run a website, you will be able get a link to the contest to put on your page by clicking on the pink picture. You can also subscribe to receive emails from the Crafty Girl.

Take a look.

2) The other exciting site is a blog by +Chris Pellow, called +Chris Pellow Designs. She has put together a treasure trove of information, tutorial, featured artists and lots more about everything polymer clay.

Here is Chris herself 

I read her tutorial on how to bring a clay piece to high shine by using the right tool and I got very excited. 
Thank you Chris.

I will be posting some more about my new project later.  Check back again soon.

Till then I hope your life is full of colors.